Writing for kids(-ish)

Though I write (primarily) for middle-grade and young adult audiences, even those who are only kids-at-heart can enjoy and learn something from my writing, too!

Magazine Articles


“A secret identity: blood’s super-surprising properties” – is blood a liquid?  Is it a solid?  …it’s viscoelastic!  Feature article in the Oct. 2017, issue of Muse magazine

“Bloody ooze” – guided activity of Ooblek to introduce and describe viscoelastic materials in the Oct. 2017, issue of Muse magazine






“I like the way you move! Gait biometrics keeping your world secure” – feature article in the March, 2018 issue of Muse magazine




“Look! No Hands! Balancing thrill and safety in roller coaster design” – feature article in the April, 2018, issue of Muse magazine

“Building the thrill: Q&A with Larry Giles, VP of Engineering at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA” – interview for the Science@Work department of Muse Magazine in the April, 2018, issue


“Sleeping isn’t simple: Circadian rhythms in space” – feature article in the March, 2019 issue of Muse magazine


Animal Boxing Stars_cover

Barone, Rebecca. Animal Boxing Stars. (2017) Child’s World, Incorporated


Animal Boxing Stars_spread


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