School and library visits

I love visiting schools and libraries!  Speaking to kids face-to-face is one of my favorite perks of being an author.  Talks are typically geared either toward writing or science (see examples below), and each include dedicated Q&A time.

If you have a specific theme in mind that isn’t listed, let’s chat!  I’m more than happy to work with special requests.

Contact me via the form on this website or at rebecca [dot] ef [dot] barone [at] gmail [dot] com


Science-y presentations

“Solid, liquid, and gas…or not so easy?” – explores materials that do not conveniently fit into elementary material definitions.  Uses hands-on manipulation of Ooblek (1 per student) to describe viscoelastic materials.  Discusses applications of these weird materials with a focus on biomaterials. Appropriate for grades 5+ (45 min; max 30 students per session)

“The greatest machine you’ll ever own” – physics of the musculoskeletal system.  How the complex structures of our body facilitate walking and how these structures respond to injury.  Describes motion-capture – the same technology which facilitates research is what Hollywood uses for special effects!  Adaptable and appropriate for grades 4-6, 7/8, or high school audiences (45 min; small to large audiences)


Author-y presentations

“I want to be a writer!  …now what?” – the surprising true stories of writers: how we make a living and the varied jobs that qualify as “writing.” (e.g. editor, agent, freelancer, ghostwriter, and – of course – author).  How non-traditional jobs like engineering or computer science may easily feed into a career as a writer.  Adaptable and appropriate for elementary, middle, or high school audiences (45 min; small to large audiences)

“Truth is never boring!” – an examination of narrative non-fiction and how it is transforming the world of popular science and biography.  Describe and workshop techniques to make “dull” details pop.  Students should bring a piece of their own non-fiction work.  Appropriate for middle or high school audiences (60 min; max 20 students)

“Fiction or fact” – just because something is fun to read doesn’t mean it’s made-up!  We’ll read selections of stories and discuss “tricks” the author used to make the real-life tale seem like something out of a novel.  Appropriate for grades 4-6 (60 min; max 25 students)



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